Your perfect Prenate® is

Prenate Chewable®

You’ve never liked taking pills. You find them difficult to swallow and tolerate, no matter their size or shape. Swallowing a vitamin daily also can upset your stomach. You know the importance of getting good prenatal nutritional support from a prescription prenatal vitamin. But you are concerned that you won’t stay compliant with your prenatal regimen if you have to swallow a vitamin every day. You also know you want to stay healthy during pregnancy by eating the right foods, such as fruits and vegetables.

Like many women, you enjoy one small treat each day. You can get excited about taking a chewable Prenate® vitamin that has a Dutch chocolate taste and provides the recommended vitamins and minerals you need. Prenate Chewable®, the chewable choice!

Ask your doctor about Prenate Chewable®, as your go-to prenatal vitamin.

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This quiz is for information purposes only and should not be construed as medical advice. Please talk to your doctor about your individual medical situation.

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