For many women, swallowing vitamins or supplement can be a problem. Knowing how important prenatal nutritional supplementation is for both mom and baby, finding a vitamin form that can help you stay compliant with your prenatal nutrition is important. Because every pregnancy has different needs, Prenate® offers you the option to chew versus swallow your daily supplement. Prenate Chewable® delivers a natural, Dutch chocolate flavor in a nutrient-rich chewable tablet. It also contains blueberry extract to accent the flavor while delivering antioxidant benefits. The advanced taste-masking manufacturing technology of Prenate® ensures you will not experience the vitamin aftertaste that other chewable supplements deliver and all packaging is child-resistant.

Key Benefits

  • Bioavailable L-methylfolate, plus folic acid
  • Vitamin D3, for deficiency common with limited sun exposure, high use of sunscreen, darker skin, and vegetarian diet1
  • Calcium carbonate for skeletal health and reducing heartburn2
  • Vitamin B6 to help ease symptoms of common morning sickness3
  • Gluten-free* and lactose-free
  • Patients pays no more than $20 per prescription with eVoucherRx™ Program**
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