Supporting healthy moms and babies is our mission and there is no greater honor than receiving positive feedback from satisfied parents! Making the decision to have a child is momentous. As parents, your life is forever changed once you bring a new baby into the world. Knowing you will be creating a beautiful, healthy family is our great reward.

Prenatal vitamins play a vital role in a healthy pregnancy. [Prenate® offers] a line of prescription prenatal vitamins that provide necessary nutrients before, during, and after pregnancy.

– Kate H. via  Read More in Her Blog>>

Not every prenatal vitamin is created equal and you may need different levels and vitamins during conception, pregnancy, and postpartum journey. Avion Pharmaceuticals has a line of vitamins that are perfect for each stage of pregnancy and beyond.

– Elia via  Read More in Her Blog>>

I didn’t know that prescription prenatal vitamins were a thing, but I love the idea of prescribing vitamins for before, during, and after pregnancy – they’re just as important as many other prescription medications, so I think making that shift is so smart.

– Megan via  Read More in Her Blog>>

My doctor gave me some samples of the Pixies and I loved them …

– Liz O. via 

I love my vitamins. I took the quiz and asked my doctor for a prescription. Currently taking Prenate Mini®… I’m not a mom, but getting prepared for the day …

– Calandra C. via 

I started taking Prenate Mini® before I got pregnant and liked that it was one of the few prenatals that didn’t upset my stomach. Once I got pregnant and my senses went crazy, I could strongly taste the fish oil in the old coating and almost switched vitamins. Happily, they went to this new, blue-green coating and that is no longer an issue. I love your little vitamin and wanted to thank you for putting in the effort to adjust the product to make it even more pregnancy-friendly.

– Nicole

Every single over the counter vitamin made me really sick. I went to my ob appt. and they [gave] me samples of Prenate Mini. They were awesome. I take it before bed after a little snack, and no nausea whatsoever …

– @Mialou82 via screen-shot-2016-09-14-at-3-47-42-pm

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