Designed to meet breastfeeding needs, also appropriate in pregnancy

Restore your health and help your baby grow and develop. After pregnancy, many women do not have enough nutrients stored in their bodies. This is because many nutrients go to the baby via the umbilical cord, and later via breast milk, before letting your body use them.22-25 If your baby is not receiving adequate nutrition through your diet, your baby will have to rely on your body stores. This may lead to nutrient deficiencies for you. After birth, baby develops significantly in ways we can and can’t see. In addition to baby’s growth spurt, the brain and eyes actively gather DHA to set the stage for IQ, vision and behavior. No other prescription vitamin indicated for use during breastfeeding has more DHA than Prenate® Restore, and the benefits of DHA related to its dose.1-13 Also, the sterile gut that baby was born with acquires good and bad bacteria from the environment, affecting baby’s ability to fight infections, allergies, and colic. Prenate® Restore is the only prescription vitamin indicated for use in breastfeeding that can also be used all throughout pregnancy, that contains probiotics – invisible “good bacteria” that have health benefits.

Prenate® Restore supports lactation with probiotics and 400 mg DHA, in a complete postpartum vitamin.

  • Probiotics pass through breast milk to support the newborn’s GI system14,15
  • 400 mg of DHA and 1,000 IU of vitamin D – Meets or exceeds DHA and vitamin D3 recommendation
    • More DHA than any leading prescription postnatal16-18
  • Calcium formate for greater, more efficient absorption than calcium citrate and calcium carbonate19
  • Contains 1 mg of body-ready folate to help all women ensure they get the folic acid needed (1 mg folate – traditional folic acid, plus bioavailable folate for women who have trouble metabolizing folic acid)
  • 27 mg of iron in a blend of Sumalate® and ferrous fumarate. Sumalate® iron form is designed for increased absorption and reduced gastrointestinal irritation and side effects20-21
  • Once-daily softgel, designed for easy swallowing
  • Sugar-free and lactose-free
  • Patients pays no more than $20 per prescription with eVoucherRx™ Program
Folic Acid Benefits DHA Benefits Nutritional Info
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