A step up in nutritional content in a single daily softgel

Prenate® Enhance is formulated with the latest recommendations from obstetric and pediatric organizations in mind. New research has made it clear that some nutrients such as vitamin D and DHA are required in higher doses during pregnancy than previously thought to provide their benefits. Scientific studies have also shown that more than half of pregnant women cannot effectively absorb the common form of the critical pregnancy vitamin folic acid, and that the most widely used forms of calcium are poorly absorbed by the body.1,2,22 Prenate® Enhance has newer, more advanced forms of these vitamins that women’s bodies can more efficiently use, so you and your baby get the full benefits of taking a prenatal vitamin supplement.1,2

Prenate® Enhance is designed for enhanced absorption with dietary ingredients selected for their high absorbability. There are many women looking for a product like Prenate® Enhance with state-of-the-art product engineering that provides higher levels of nutrients in one softgel. Prenate® Enhance is ideally suited for moms of advanced maternal age, moms carrying twins, triplets or more, or even busy working moms who need higher vitamin and mineral levels in a prenatal vitamin. If you are a woman “on-the-go” and may not have time to eat properly, you can have confidence that Prenate® Enhance can provide the extra supplementation that diet alone may not provide. Looking for a step up in nutrient content? Look to Prenate® Enhance.

Key Benefits

  • Meets or exceeds expert recommended DHA and vitamin D levels3-8
  • 400 mg of DHA plus EPA – the highest DHA content among leading prescription prenatal vitamins9-21
  • 25 mcg of vitamin D
  • 155 mg of Formical® calcium – calcium formate is better absorbed than calcium citrate and calcium carbonate22
  • 1700 mcg DFE of body-ready folate to help ensure you get the folic acid needed (traditional folic acid, plus bioavailable folate for women who have trouble metabolizing folic acid)
  • 28 mg of iron in a blend of Sumalate® and ferrous fumarate.  Sumalate® iron form is designed for increased absorption and reduced gastrointestinal irritation and side effects23-24
  • Sugar-free and lactose-free
  • Patients pays no more than $20 per prescription with eVoucherRx™ Program*
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