Tips for Swallowing Prenatal Vitamins for Expecting Moms

November 20, 2018

Many women have an aversion to taking pills. Whether it’s the aftertaste or the size, it can be a task that many dread. However, a daily prenatal vitamin may be critical for important positive pregnancy outcomes.1,2 Because of this, we’ve developed three tips to help women that are new to taking prenatal vitamins:

Try the Lean Forward Method

1. Place the prenatal vitamin on your tongue
2. Take a sip of water, but don’t swallow
3. Tilt your chin toward your chest
4. Swallow the pill and water while your head is bent

Find Prenatal Vitamins with Limited Aftertaste

Many prenatal vitamins have a strong or overpowering aftertaste. Occasionally the ingredients in the vitamin just don’t sit well on the stomach. This can make swallowing these pills very difficult. Gel capsule vitamins may not be as pungent to expecting moms that are particularly sensitive to aftertastes.

Small Prenatal Vitamins

Some prenatal vitamins are so large they look almost impossible to swallow. If you have a sensitivity to larger pills, find one that is smaller. But be sure that that you are not compromising nutrition.

Prenatal Vitamins to Supplement Prenatal Nutrition

The Prenate® Vitamin Family offers several prenatal vitamin options for women that have difficulty swallowing pills.

  • Prenate Mini® & Prenate Pixie® are small prenatal vitamins that have little aftertaste. They
    are mighty enough for preconception, but robust enough to carry mom and baby through
  • Prenate Chewable® is a chewable option for women that just cannot swallow pills. It is a
    natural, Dutch-chocolate flavor in a nutrient rich chewable tablet. It also contains blueberry extract to accent the flavor while delivering antioxidant benefits.

Prenate® Vitamins can help support mothers and babies throughout pregnancy and through labor and delivery. Even with a balanced and healthy diet, many women have trouble meeting their daily recommended intakes for certain vitamins and minerals. Talk to your doctor to see if a prenatal vitamin may be right for you to help fill nutritional gaps.

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