How Expecting Moms Can Treat Themselves This Mother’s Day

May 11, 2018

Are you allowed to celebrate Mother’s Day when expecting, even without having sweet little cheeks to wipe, toes and fingers to count, and lips to smooch? The answer is, of course! That baby inside of you, growing strong and beautiful, has a heartbeat. The world may not have a bond with that life yet, but you do.

You are his or her mama. You have spent weeks or months worrying about every little movement, wondering what he or she looks like, dreaming of and thinking up names for your precious son or daughter, making sacrifices to ensure he or she is as healthy and safe as possible. Pregnancy is beautiful yet overwhelmingly stressful at times. That’s why we are giving you a big dose of “treat yourself” this Mother’s Day! While it’s great to be celebrated by those who love you, it is also important to take time to celebrate yourself. Read our suggested tips to spoil yourself for Mother’s Day.

1. Go Zen with Prenatal Yoga

During pregnancy, you want to stay in shape and do what is best for your baby-to-be. Prenatal yoga is perfect for that, and also has many self-care benefits for mom. In this fast-paced world, we tend to be constantly on the go. Yoga is a much-needed opportunity to slow down and connect with your baby and the transformation you are experiencing. Yoga also helps you reconnect with your body and embrace the pregnancy journey. What better time to focus on these connections than Mother’s Day? (Consult your healthcare provider before starting exercise, including yoga.)

2. Enjoy the Arts & Beauty Around You

Take time to enjoy the arts. Check out a local art gallery or sign up for a paint-a-canvas class to tap into your inner Picasso. Love the movies? Order tickets for that film you’ve been dying to see. If visual arts aren’t your thing, check out some local live music. There is also beauty around us in everyday things. Spend the afternoon in a botanical garden or your local park. Art, music and nature can have a calming effect, lowering stress to support a happy and healthy pregnancy.

3. Take Time to Connect with Those Who Matter

Visit your mom, family or a motherly figure. Take time to have a heart-to-heart with a person who has impacted your life in a positive way. Enjoy family and friends by letting the kitchen go and the laundry pile up. Take the day to cherish your relationships.

4. Start a New Tradition for Your New Addition

Make a new tradition. Write love letters to your baby in a journal. Express your hopes and dreams for your little one. Let your baby know how much you love and care about him or her. Make this a new tradition on every single Mother’s Day. Then let the letters pile up and plan to give the journal to your child later down the road. It’s a sentimental gift he or she will forever cherish.

5. Indulge Guilt-Free

With pregnancy comes cravings. On Mother’s Day, give into those cravings and splurge on your favorite foods. Whether it’s going to your favorite bakery and biting into that gooey donut, or driving to your favorite restaurant to chow down on a juicy cheeseburger and fries, today we say go for it!

Prenatal Nutrition

While it’s OK to splurge occasionally, healthy nutrition habits are recommended for positive pregnancy outcomes. The Prenate® Vitamin Family is a line of prenatal vitamins that can help fill nutritional gaps. Prenate® offers vitamin and minerals that give you the security and assurance that you and your baby will receive the nutrients you both need, even on those cheat days. So don’t feel too guilty about indulging from time to time. Talk to your doctor to see which Prenate® is right for you.

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