Winning the Battle Against Morning Sickness

April 26, 2018

Morning sickness affects a large proportion of expecting mothers. It’s estimated that up to 90 percent of pregnant women suffer from common morning sickness.1 It is most prevalent during the first trimester. However some women experience morning sickness throughout their pregnancy, as well as all day long. While there is no cure-all for morning sickness, there are specific measures that expecting moms can take to help win the battle against symptoms of common morning sickness.

Understanding Why Nausea Occurs During Pregnancy

Morning sickness is the body’s response to increased hormones. It is linked to the production of the human chorionic gonadotropin hormone (HCG). The hormone begins being produced once a fertilized egg attaches to the uterine lining.1

Usually morning sickness does not require medical attention. However it is recommended to see your health care provider if:

  • The nausea or vomiting is severe.
  • You cannot keep down liquids.
  • You only pass a small amount of urine or it is dark in color.
  • You feel dizzy or faint when you stand up.
  • Your heart is racing or you are vomiting blood.

Tips to Combat Symptoms Related to Common Morning Sickness

Sadly, there is no proven way to prevent morning sickness from occurring. But these tips can help you win the battle against symptoms of common morning sickness:
• Eating small, regular snacks throughout the day.
• Keeping crackers or other snacks in your nightstand.
• Avoiding trigger foods or smells.
• Eating foods with vitamin B6 and ginger.2,3
• Sipping on ginger ale.
• Taking a prenatal vitamin with vitamin B6.2,3

Prenatal Vitamins with Vitamin B-6

The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) recommends trying vitamin B6 supplementation, before other antiemetic drugs, to help alleviate nausea.2 ACOG also recommends taking ginger to help ease the nausea associated with common morning sickness.2,3

Sometimes it can seem difficult get the amount of vitamin B6 that you need, especially when morning sickness has the best of you. A good way to ensure that you and your baby are getting the right amount of vitamin B6 is by supplementing with a vitamin from the Prenate® family of vitamins.

Prenate® vitamins are formulated to meet all the nutritional needs of pregnant and breastfeeding women and those who are thinking of becoming pregnant. Every Prenate® vitamin contains vitamin B6. Talk with your doctor to find out which Prenate® vitamin may be best for you.

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